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André is a well-known business expert, public speaker, author and media personality. He has travelled to Far East countries and developed business communities such as the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK in his quest to understand the challenges facing entrepreneurs and family owned businesses and the best practices to deal with those challenges

He has published more than 1000 articles in newspapers and business magazines on important business, financial and leadership lessons. He is a regular guest on radio and TV talk shows and appeared on national TV more than 400 times over the last five years.

André’s acute sense of business and keen fascination with nature are captured and translated into practical lessons for the business world.
André’s PASSION in LIFE is to enable FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES to create positive futures for their family and their business. He believes that leadership and values is two sides of the same coin and that ethical values enable family owned businesses to instil harmony in the family and business. He is the founding member of FABASA (Family Business Association of South Africa) and a member of FFI (Family Firm Institute), an international association for family owned businesses.


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