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André is an ACCREDITED FAMILY BUSINESS CONSULTANT and the co-founder and Chief Convener of  FABASA (FAMILY BUSINESS ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA) and has consulted more than 200 family businesses in SA and elsewhere over the last 7 years.

FABASA focus on the best practices in the world for family owned businesses and is linked to international family business institutions , such as FFI.

The primary focus 

  • Governance structures for family businesses, with a FAMILY BUSINESS CONSTITUTION,  to ensure a fair balance between:


  • the interest of the FAMILY (family harmony, inter & intra generational challenges, sibling rivalry etc.)


  • the interest of the BUSINESS (proper business structures to ensure emotions do not impact on sound business decisions


  • Professional Succession planning


  • Creating a values-based family business to adhere to increasing regulation (governance)
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