Business Jungle

The Business Jungle series focus on two audiences, namely entrepreneurs/business owners AND senior decision makers of Corporate  companies. 

The series is a culmination of Andre’s acute sense of business and keen fascination with the natural world that captures the essence of Africa’s pride and translates it into practical lessons for the business world.

Nature teaches us important lessons on how to not only survive, but also  thrive in the ever-increasing competitive global business environment! The instinctive behaviour displayed by animals in their natural habitat offers an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs to tap into.

  • BUSINESS JUNGLE – Core Business lessons from nature
  • BUSINESS JUNGLE  - Life Lessons from nature (focus on the personal challenges that confronts business people to create a sound balance between the interest of the business, it’s employees and the business owner’s family)
  • BUSINESS JUNGLE – Life Lessons from nature. Extension of Life lessons for those who are more spiritually inclined.

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