André has an extensive background in business and marketing strategies in various economic sectors and, in his previous capacity as National Marketing Manager at Old Mutual, worked on business and marketing strategies with various consulting and marketing agency firms, such as McKinsey’s & Company, Gemini, Boston Consulting and Heroes.



We live in times of exponential changes which force us to remain in touch with the consumer’s changing concept of value in the marketplace. Renewed thinking and a dynamic BUSINESS & MARKETING STRATEGY is the only answer to deal with the ever-changing business environment

Unique Solution

André Diederichs has comprehensive experience & business insight as a marketing strategist. His fascination with nature and his acute sense of the changing concept of value in the business landscape ensures that organisations develop business & marketing strategies, to not only survive, but thrive, in the modern business jungle.

Balance Sheet of Life

Consumer’s judgement of our products and services is not merely a cognitive decision.  A Person (consumer) consists of body, soul and spirit, and must be served as a TOTAL person in order to establish a trust relationship with a business. The ethical values that a business illustrates determine the consumer’s judgement of your products or services. Your business values are therefore an integral part of your marketing strategy.